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Pre-sale services

1. Research to understand your project demand
2. To provide you with professional advice and answers to customize and develop technical solutions to help your product selection.
3. To provide you with product manuals, if you need we will provide a product prototype, and invite you to visit the company to provide reference for the products.
4. Build customer files and customer records into the company database for tracking service.

Sale of services

1、1. To perform the contract strictly, to strengthen quality control, good products, and technical information for shipping work.
2. To be explained in detail the principles and your operation, and timely answers to technical questions and provide product support for guidance.


1. Guide product installation, provide maintenance for products to extend product life, durability, energy conservation.
2. Where the use of the product and without the fault occurred in the absence overhaul, the month replacement within the normal range, warranty service within a year. When the product has technical and quality issues, it will be answered within 24 hours, if you need, we will arrange for outstanding service personnel to be arrived at the scene at the appointed time, to promptly and effectively deal with various problems.
3. customer satisfaction surveys on a regulat basis, usage tracking, advice and services, maintaining good customer relations.

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